Grand Rapids Man Charged With Attempted Murder

Prosecutor: Stabbed Brother Multiple Times

A 31-year-old Grand Rapids man has been charged with second degree attempted murder after prosecutors said he stabbed his brother multiple times.

Kalin Wenell-Jack is also facing one count of assault in the first degree, two counts of aggravated first-degree tampering with a witness, two counts of assault in the second degree, one count of domestic assault, and one count of false imprisonment.

His brother had stab wounds on his chest, stomach, arms and hands, according to police.

Wenell-Jack also threatened to kill his brother and a witness if they called police, according to court documents.

The victim was transported to a Duluth hospital for treatment and surgery.

Wenell-Jack’s bail was set at $300,000 and his next court appearance is set for June 15.

He has prior convictions including felony robbery and felony assault. 


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