Northland Counties Rank Low in State Health Report

Obesity & Adult Smoking Numbers Remain High

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An annual health report released Wednesday morning had St. Louis County ranked 74th out of Minnesota’s 87 counties in “health outcomes.”

This measure is based on length and quality of life, and low birth weight

St. Louis County ranked 59th in “health factors,” a study that incorporates socio–economic aspects, education levels, and employment numbers.

“When we look at our region as a whole, we are very rural. We have an older population, we do have higher incidence of obesity, adult smoking, lower income, unemployment rates are higher, and all of those factors really play a part in our health,” said Sarah Nelson, the Medical Consultant for multiple Northland counties.

Officials say Minnesota is one of the healthiest states in the nation.

Within the state, Duluth ranks high in the number of primary care physicians, and physical environment.

A new study says nicotine dependence, obesity, alcohol abuse and depression are risk factors for low back pain.

Researchers say this link is key, because prevention could help avoid the financial and emotional costs of the condition. The CDC says nearly a third of Americans suffer from low back pain.

Blue Bell ice cream has added another product to the list of items it is recalling over potential listeria contamination.

The company is recalling its food service, three ounce cups of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream.

A test found listeria in one of the cups at a Kansas hospital.

Earlier this month, the company recalled products that were made at a Texas plant.

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