Doggie Brew Bites Combine Craft Beer, Organic Dog Treats

Used Grains Used to Make Healthy Incentive for Dogs

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When you walk into a local brewery to get a pint of locally made beer you’re probably not thinking about if your dog will like it.

Two bartenders did and now they’ve got an addictive treat that is human approved.

When your best friend has four legs the definition of treat isn’t exactly a beer after work.

“They want to give their dog something that’s equally pleasing to the dog as the craft beer is for themselves,” said baker and operations officer of Doggy Brew Bites, Mike McLean.

The craft beer-pouring, dog-owning duo has combined their two favorite things in life to create Doggie Brew Bites.

“If you love beer and dogs this is a fun product,” said founding partner, Matthew Barthelemy.

The main ingredient in the treats happens to be the same as craft brews.

“Barley malt from breweries we re-purpose, wheat flour, peanut butter, and eggs,” listed Barthelemy.

Mash is created after brewers wet down the barley and grains to extract the sugar.

What’s left is all natural and organic grains filled with carbohydrates and proteins.

Every day the brew bite guys pick up the mash from local brewers, bring it to the kitchen, mix it, roll it, hand cut, and bake them in their own kitchen.

Each batch is puppy approved by the doggie brew bite residents, Barley and Millie.

“When your moms baking cookies back in the day, your favorite part is licking that battered spoon and it’s the same scenario with them,” said McLean.

What these pups don’t know is that these treats are local, organic and recycled.

That’s a reward in its self.

“You could go out and buy a pint of your cheap domestic beer for $2.50 or you can spend a little bit more but get something way better in return,” said McLean, comparing his product to beer.

The treats sell for $12 a bag.

You can find Doggie Brew Bites in brewery tap rooms across the Northland.

For more information or to order the treats online, click here.

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