Bjorn Broman Leaving Behind Legacy

2nd in Minnesota History in Career Points

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“Just knowing that I made division one basketball makes me feel so good because that was always my goal,” said Lakeview Christian senior Bjorn Broman.

Bjorn Broman has always set high expectations for himself, but he never foresaw how successful his high school hoops career would be.

“When I was younger, I always dreamed of scoring baskets and hitting game winners and stuff like that but to be like the state’s leading scorer, never expected it,” said Broman.

Broman not only led the state in scoring, but also broke the single season point record, finished 2nd in state history in total points scored in a career and was a Mr. Basketball finalist.

“To be among those top 5 guys was a huge honor and I’m thankful for my coaches, my teammates that helped me along the way, that put me in that position,” Broman said.

One other person who helped Bjorn reach amazing heights was his brother Anders. Who is the only person in the state, who can say they’ve scored more points than Bjorn.

“He was a huge impact on me and everything that I’ve done. Just seeing him score and everything that he was doing, I wanted to be just like him. I owe a lot of credit to him because he helped me along the way a lot,” said Broman.

And just like his older brother, Bjorn was recruited and signed to play division one basketball. Where he’ll take his talents to Winthrop.

“To sign and know that I’m going there for four years, got my education paid for and everything makes me really happy and I’ve very excited for the next chapter,” Broman said.

And while the next chapter has yet to written, Broman already knows what he wants to leave behind.

“When it’s all said and done, looking back and saying I did all I could, have no regrets and just knowing that I laid it all out there and that I did everything I could and I did my best,” Broman said.

Bjorn is one of the states most gifted scorers, who put in the time to not just be good, but to be great.

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