Unique Rock Mural Comes to Downtown Duluth

Government Services Center Decorates New Lobby

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The Government Services Center in downtown Duluth is spicing up its lobby.

St. Louis County hired a local artist to create a mural made out of pieces of hand-cut steel and stones donated from area residents.

The artist says his labor of love, entitled “Waterlights,” is an abstract take on the water and industrial history of the city.

“One of the important elements for me, in any of these works, is the composition and the fact that the composition moves, it has energy,” said Craig David. “I wanted this space to be filled with the energy of this piece.”

“You’ll see that it really moves. There’s a lot of diagonals, there’s a deep space in it. And then the abstractness, the shapes themselves really kind of facet your way back into it, and move you around. Your eye really never stops any place,” David added.

The finishing touches will take place Thursday.

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