70 MPH Wind Gusts Recorded in Duluth During Red Flag Warning

Crews Respond to Multiple Northland Wildfires

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The National Weather Service recorded 70 mile per hour wind gusts Thursday afternoon.

Experts say wind like that, without a thunderstorm or blizzard, is extremely rare.

A red flag warning had to be issued, and fire crews responded to multiple wildfires across the Northland.

“Most of the fires were started by power lines either the trees are blowing into the power lines or the power lines themselves are coming down in the strong winds and starting the fires that way,” said Duluth National Weather Service Senior Meteorologist, Amanda Graning.

Experts say April is peak fire season, and we typically average two or three high fire risk days a year.

“The littlest thing can definitely spark a fire and even if it’s not an extreme windy day like yesterday they can spread rapidly,” explained Graning.

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