Clyde the Bobcat Rescued, Released into the Wild

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There’s another success story out of Wildwoods, an organization that rehabilitates wild animals.

Clyde the bobcat was found injured with a snare around his waist a few months ago.

“The wire from the snare was digging in underneath his fur and into his skin so it was very sore and raw and it was actually getting tighter and tighter and cinching shut around his waist,” explained Sarah Glesner, animal care supervisor with Wildwoods. “He was unable to move very well or eat very well.”

It only took a few weeks for him to recover and now he’s been released back into the wild.

“While snaring is currently legal in Minnesota, sometimes people will use traps illegally and in the case of this bobcat the snare was unmarked and the bobcat was able to actually able to pull itself free from the anchor line,” explained Glesner.

Wildwoods says they’re proud of the fact Clyde was able to recover quickly and go back home.

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