Spike in Lead Poisoning Leads to Bald Eagle Deaths

Non-Leaded Bullets Could Prevent Eagle Deaths

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There’s a spike in lead poisoning that’s killing bald eagles, according to Wildwoods, a local animal rescue organization.

It happens when eagles eat dead deer carcasses after being killed with a lead shot.

Eagles tend to look tired when poisoned.

They also vomit and discharge a bright green liquid.

Rescuers say lead as small as a pencil eraser can be deadly.

“When a piece of lead shot hits a deer during hunting it actually fractures into many small pieces making it difficult to remove from the meat,” said Sarah Glesner, Animal Care Supervisor at Wildwoods. “So when the birds ingest the lead it goes into their body and quickly poisons them.”

Wildwoods officials say to prevent poisoning use nonleaded shots when hunting.

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