UMD Unveils Technological Motion and Media Lab

MMAD Lab Brings Different Majors Together

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It doesn’t happen very often that leaders from different areas of study have a chance to work together to research and help students.

Picture this, a place where students studying theater, graphic design, engineering, science, and art can all share.

Friday afternoon the University of Minnesota Duluth officially opened up what they call the ‘MMAD lab.’

It stands for Motion and Media Across Disciplines.

Thanks to a half million dollar grant from the university of Minnesota system, and a handful of professors the MMAD lab became a reality.

It took four years for the lab to become a reality.

“It’s imagining for the future,” said Tom Isbell, professor in the UMD theater department. “So it’s a place where we’re trying to combine technology and science and art and use it ways that we can’t even imagine.”

Inside the lab you’ll find a three camera studio with a green screen, a virtual reality simulation, and the ability to capture motion by converting physical movements into computer models.

“We like to do a lot with emerging technology so we’re always going to have new things in here. We’re always going to be trying new things and you can’t always do that in other universities.”

The director of the MMAD lab says there is nothing with this much technology in one room similar to this in the entire country.

University officials hope to keep up with technology trends to make sure UMD always has the latest and greatest in new and fun gadgets.

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