Low Gas Prices Encourage Holiday Travel

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Friday afternoon, people around town were packing up their cars and slamming their trunks, getting ready to head out for the holiday weekend. 

21st Avenue is usually busy during rush hour, but Friday, it was even more so than normal, as people were trying to get a jump start on the holiday traffic.

A few months back, places in The Northland saw gas prices drop under $2 per gallon. Friday, prices teetered around $2.35 per gallon.

While the cost of gas has gone up in recent months, it is still far from the $3 and $4 per gallon prices that the country saw in previous years.

Gas station employees don’t believe the recent increase in prices is affecting peoples holiday travel plans.

“I don’t think it’s really affecting anything,” said Steve Suksi, Manager at London Road Car Wash. “The prices are still a lot lower than they once were a year ago, even half a year ago, so yeah, they’re pretty pleased with it still, a lot of them are still doing their regular travel.”

On the Friday before Easter, commuters said the relatively low price of gas is, in fact, encouraging holiday transit, and even further, benefiting the local economy.

“I think it promotes travel, and I think it’s good for people to have less gas prices because it’s more money in peoples pockets to go spend at Target, Best Buy, or do whatever they got to do. And then it creates more jobs,” said Duluth resident Ryan Sistad.

Gas station employees said Friday was one of their busiest days, as people were filling up their tanks and getting their cars washed before heading home to spend the Easter holiday with family and friends. 

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