Burning Restrictions Begin in Northeastern Minnesota

Burning Restrictions Start in Lake, Cook & Northern St. Louis Counties

The Department of Natural Resources will extend burning restrictions to Lake, Cook, and northern St. Louis counties starting Wednesday, April 8.

Under these restrictions the state will not allow open burning of brush and yard debris.

Burning restrictions occur in the spring when the snow melts, and fuels like dry grass and leaves are exposed to dry winds and increased fire potential.

Restrictions remain in place until sufficient green up, usually four to six weeks during April and May.

The lack of snow this winter and little rainfall has contributed to a drier than normal spring.

The number-one cause of most spring wildfires is the burning of yard debris.

Residents can find the latest burning restrictions at www.mndnr.gov/forestry/fire/firerating_restrictions.html or call their local DNR forestry office to obtain current information on fire danger and burning restrictions.

Burning restrictions do not apply to campfires; they are still allowed.

Clear an area around the campfire, watch the fire continuously, and make sure it is out and cold to the touch before leaving.

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