High-End Boutique Sells Designer Bags

Knowing Your Neighbor

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HAYWARD, Wis. –  If you’re looking for an affordable, unique and upscale boutique in Northern Wisconsin you’re in luck.

In this week’s ‘Knowing Your Neighbor’ we head to Hayward’s Northern Oddities.

You may have driven by the Edelweiss Motel before and never known it housed a high-end boutique.

Owner Linda Ryan manages the store at the little motel, which is owned by her and her husband. 

“We thought what better place to have a little store than right here in the lobby,” said Ryan.

Ryan’s specialty is designer hands including Coach, Michael Kors, Nine West, Fossil, and much more at an affordable price.

“I try to do most of the items 50–percent off at the retail price,” said Ryan.

Whether you’re looking to splurge on a fun gift for a friend or family member, or even yourself, the options are endless.

“I do have a lot of jewelry that I sell as well including accessories, wallets, scarves, and things like that,” explained Ryan.

Being in business is nothing new for Ryan.

She sold handbags online for 10-years before her husband suggested she open a shop in their motel lobby.

“Overwhelmed with the stock that I had and I didn’t really have anywhere else to put it so he said to bring it on up and started displaying it here,” recalled Ryan.

To learn more about the boutique head on over to Northern Oddities facebook page. 

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