Security Main Focus of North Shore Community School’s Addition

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DULUTH, Minn. – The ribbon cutting is complete and the new addition at North Shore Community School is open to the public. 

Along with extra classroom space and more education opportunities for students, there’s a bigger picture as to why the school added on: student safety.

For 12-years North Shore Community School had been using portable classrooms

While they worked well, it did force kids to be separated from the main building and posed a security threat.

If the doors were locked between the two buildings, sometimes students would get locked out and be forced to walk around the perimeter of the building to the main office doors.

The new addition ensures every student is in the same building.

There are new classrooms for 5th and 6th graders, as well as a larger art lab and even a state-of-the-art greenhouse.

This summer teachers will receive hands-on training in California to learn about the “Edible School Yard Project”.

“(They will learn) how to appropriately plant and nutrition and harvest (the crop). Eventually the students will prep food and there will be a portable kitchen that they can utilize. The whole process from planting seeds to food prep and eating the food at lunch time here at school (will be covered),” said Barry Wolff North Shore Community School’s Interim Director.

Wolff said the goal is to teach students about nutrition, science, sustainability, and being self-sufficient.

Although there is more classroom space at the school, Wolff said they don’t necessarily need it for attendance.

Currently the population for K-6 is at 332 students.

It’s expected to grow by 20 or so students for the fall semester.

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