A Look at Superior’s Mayoral Race

SUPERIOR, Wis. – The polls are closed for Spring 2015’s Election.

Mayor Bruce Hagen faced off against Douglas County Board Member Jim Paine.

It wasn’t necessarily smooth sailing though, especially at the Superior Middle School’s polling location.

“The school was locked down and there were a handful of voters asked to leave the lobby prior to being able to vote,” explained Superior City Clerk Terri Kalan.

The city clerk said voters were allowed back in the building shortly after police arrived.

As for the overall number of voters at the polls, Clerk Kalan said it was fairly low, but nothing out of the ordinary.

“We have about just over 14,000 registered voters so about 35% of those registered voters will come out versus a governor election is usually about 80% and presidential is just about 90-percent,” said Kalan. 

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