Crews Clear Path Through Lake Superior Ice; Ships Stuck

Crews Clear Path for Ships Stuck in Lake Superior Ice

Crews are working to clear a path through ice on eastern Lake Superior that’s left freighters unable to move, including one that had a hole punched in its hull.

The U.S. Coast Guard says a Canadian icebreaker on Wednesday is joining other American vessels breaking ice on Whitefish Bay.

Officials say at least 10 ships are affected.

Mark Gill, director of vessel traffic services for the U.S. Coast Guard at Sault Ste. Marie, tells The Detroit News that warmer air and westerly winds loosened ice and pushed it around Whitefish Bay.

Some ships have been stranded since Sunday. reports the Kaye E. Barker was damaged and is expected to transfer its iron ore load before being repaired.

The cargo shipping season started last month on the upper Great Lakes.

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