Kicking Your Soda Habit

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Doctors say the biggest risk to soda drinkers is the excess calories, but even diet sodas can adversely affect your health.

Some ways to kick the habit: wean yourself off them slowly.

Cut back to one a day for a few weeks, and then try three a week.

You can also try adding water to soda.

That will cut the calories and your taste buds won’t be expecting as much sweetness.

Speaking of water, before drinking a soda, have some H20.

Chances are, it will quench your thirst, and you’ll fill up on the water rather than a carbonated beverage.

Keeping a bottle of water on hand can help as well.

If you crave those bubbles, try drinking seltzer water instead.

It’s carbonated, and you can add a fruit juice to add a little sweetness.

If all of that sounds like too much, try the caffeine-free version of your favorite drink.

Once you’ve kicked the habit, nutritionists say you can treat it like any other junk food, and save it for a special occasion.
A new study reveals that using Facebook could lead to symptoms of depression.

Researchers found Facebook users felt depressed when comparing themselves to others.

The study showed depressed feelings and too much time using Facebook can go hand-in-hand with comparing yourself to others.

But the findings do not mean Facebook causes depression.

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