County Wide Ordinance to Restrict Public Use of E-Cigs

Public Hearing Set on Ordinance

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A public hearing is set to consider banning E Cigarettes from all public places throughout St. Louis County.

Currently, Duluth, Hermantown and Ely all have city ordinances prohibiting people from smoking e-cigs in certain places. 

But, Commissioner Patrick Boyle would like to make it a county-wide ordinance. 

Boyle says the new phenomenon is sky rocketing and becoming dangerous to our youth.

“They’re targeting our youth with bubble gum flavors and cotton candy flavors and your parents can’t smell it on their children so they thrive off of this,” said Boyle.

Although it’s said to be a better alternative it may be showing the same signs as smoking tobacco.

“It’s the same excuse they’ve used with smoking tobacco that it’s not proven to hurt folks breathing in those vapors but initial studies are showing it is,” Boyle expressed. 

The public hearing is set for May 5th and voting will occur on May 12th.

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