Duluth Councilors Move To Tighten Medical Pot Restrictions

Distance From Homes Moves To 1,500 Feet

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Duluth city councilors voted Monday to change the distance between your neighborhood and a possible medical marijuana facility.

Councilors unanimously approved a change in the distance between single family homes and multi-family dwellings to 1,500 feet, which is significantly great than the original distance of 200 feet.

The change in the ordinance was proposed by councilor Jay Fosle, and other councilors quickly backed him up.

“I felt like the proposed designation put it really close to certain parts of town and not other parts of town, and I really like that this feels it’s applied to the whole city, and I think that’s better for everyone,” explained Emily Larson, president of the council.

The medical marijuana ordinance sow starts over as a first reading with the new 1,500-foot distance.

The ordinance will come up for a final vote at the next council meeting.

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