Sights and Sounds from Twins Home Opener

Fans Enjoy Opening Day at Target Field

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“The excitement, the smells, spring and summer, the boys are back in town, it just gets you fired up for the whole season,” said Nancy Appl, a long-time Twins fan.

Twins opening day always brings a ton of emotion.

“This is probably the best opening day ever at Target Field,” admitted Appl.

For many, it’s tradition.

“We’ve had season tickets since 1998,” said Judy Brandt.

“I won this baseball hat here on opening day,” Ralph McKinney told FOX 21 with a smile.

For others, it’s devotion.

“I teach second grade in Castlewood, South Dakota,” Appl said. “I took the day off from my kids, I could not stand not to be here.”

And for most, it’s just the excitement of a fresh start.

“Every year I’m optimistic. We are going to win the World Series so I can update my tattoo. I want to put 1987, 1991, and 2015,” Appl laughed.

“We’re only a few games behind the leader you know, could catch up at any moment,” joked Ralph McKinney.

“I wish people would be this excited about it the whole year,” Brandt said.

Plus, what’s a baseball game without some good eats?

“We decided not to eat out there, we’re going to wait and eat in there,” said Barbara McKinney as she pointed towards the stadium.

For the team, the 2015 buzz surrounds the return of familiar faces.

“First and foremost, I’m excited that Torii’s back,” said Appl.

“I wish they never would have gotten rid of him, at least they got him back now,” Brandt admitted.

“Love Paul Molitor,” Appl added. “Total class act.”

Fans are full of early advice for their guys out on the diamond

“If the boys could just relax a little bit more and feel comfortable playing together, we’re going to do it,” said a confident Barbara McKinney.

“I like screaming at them, and I’m sure they can hear me from section 305,” laughed Brandt.

But they know America’s past time also translates well off the field.

“Baseball has a lot of life lessons,” said Ralph McKinney. “It’s just like life – you never know what’s coming next, you never know when you’re going to be a hero.”

Torii Hunter got a nice welcome home ovation from the crowd Monday afternoon, as did Kevin Garnett when he threw out the first pitch.

The only thing that could have made the day more perfect for Twins fans, would have been a win.

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