“Nerf Wars” Game is Back in Hermantown, Raises Safety Concerns

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It’s a game that’s growing in popularity among teens “Nerf Wars”.

It was a hit last spring in Hermantown and is once again becoming a trend.

However, the game is causing some safety concerns from law enforcement officials

Hermantown’s police chief said he doesn’t want to be the “fun” stopping police.

In fact, he said he thinks it’s great that kids are getting outdoors and playing.

If you live in the Northland you may have seen high schoolers running around with nerf guns.

It’s actually part of a social media craze.

The teens even have their own local Twitter account “Hermantown Nerf Wars”.

Kids and teams as a whole buy in to play the game.

Then they shoot and kill one another with foam bullets.

While it’s all harmless fun and games this post on Twitter specifically raised concerns from police.

The post said, “This is the most terrifying and exciting things I’ve ever done! Car chases are just the cherry on the top!”

 “If we see traffic violations especially associated with this, where there are multiple people in the vehicle, unbelted drivers or passengers, kids breaking the speed limit, or breaking traffic laws then we are going to crack down on that,” said Hermantown Police Chief Jim Crace.

The chief said he has absolutely no intentions of shutting down the game.

However, he said police will continue to monitor the game closely to ensure that everyone stays safe and that it doesn’t get out of hand. 

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