New Delhi Has World’s Dirtiest Air

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We’re used to images of near-apocalyptic pollution in Beijing.

But the world’s worst air can be found some 2,400 miles to the west.

The World Health Organization labeled New Delhi, India as having the dirtiest air out of 1,600 cities around the world.

Tiny particles of pollution go deep into the lungs and are more likely to cause chronic health problems.

According to analysts, New Delhi’s pollution levels are mainly the result of the large number of old vehicles on roads, the burning of bio-mass, industry emissions and coal-powered power stations.
A breath test may be able to indicate whether someone may be at high risk for stomach cancer.

It senses tiny changes in the level of organic compounds in exhaled breath.

They tried it on nearly 500 people and the test was 92 percent accurate.

Right now, there’s no effective early screening test for stomach cancer, so it’s usually diagnosed when it’s too late for effective treatment.
Depression, insomnia and exhaustion may be major risk factors for frequent nightmares.

Researchers surveyed nearly 14,000 adults and about four percent said they often have nightmares.

Out of that group, more than one quarter suffered severe depression and about one fifth reported frequent insomnia.

Researchers believe this study will help them determine if someone has the early onset of depression.

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