Police Identify Crash Victim, Drivers in Fatal Bus Crash

Victim is 53 Year Old Michael Mooney

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Wednesday, the Duluth Police say the victim of Tuesday’s fatal bus crash is 53 year old, Michael Mooney.

The family of the victim have left flowers in the area where the crash happened in Mooney’s memory. 

Mooney was a passenger of the bus coming from the east. 

The driver of that bus is 58 year old, Rodney Polson, who police say may have suffered a medical emergency. 

Polson is still in the hospital and the Duluth Transit Authority told us he’s awake and talking with hospital staff. 

DTA’s Director of Administration and Planning, Jim Heilig, said Polson has a clear 30 year record of driving and would be shocked if the cause was different.

“This is a veteran DTA driver.  He’s had one other accident in 30 plus years of driving so it would not seem that he would be the person that would have an accident of any nature here,” said Heilig. 

The driver of the other bus is 59 year old Glenn McGill. 

He wasn’t injured during the crash and is getting counseling through the whole situation. 

This is the first time an accident of this nature has occurred with the DTA.

They are unsure when both drivers will return to work.

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