128 Year Old Plow Helped Open Up West

Plow Recognized at Lake Superior Railroad Museum

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The oldest railroad snow plow in the United States got it’s landmark status at the Lake Superior Railroad Museum.

The plow is being recognized for it’s large contribution to the American railroad by providing transportation year round when snow packs would fall from the mountains. 

But, engineers say it didn’t just help clear the pathway. 

“It really did help transportation for people, for goods, for freight and really helped open up the West,” said ASME former president, Richard Goldstein.

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers hope people take away a bigger message than it just being the oldest plow.

“I hope they understand how engineering is affecting everyday lives and how much of modern society is done by engineering accomplishments,” said Goldstein.

There is one other rotary snow plow in Minnesota.

The plow was built in 1887.

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