Autism: Where We Are Now, Where We Want To Be

Community Gathers to Celebrate and Discuss Autism

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Many questions still remain about autism, and Thursday, UWS invited locals to discuss the joys and challenges of living with the disease.

None of the area universities currently offer special options for students with autism, and UWS is brainstorming ways to make those options available in the future.

The discussion has many parents excited for new possibilities and hopeful for their children.

“Hospitality and computer programming type things, because they have a specific skill set that they’re really good at,” explained Aimee Anderson, who has an autistic son. “Some people think that autism is like a barrier for people to not be able to have a lot to offer, and that is such a misconception because they have such a delightful skill set,” Anderson said.

The keynote speaker at Thursday’s forum was a local doctor who works with many autistic children. 

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