Scientists: Isle Royale Gray Wolf Population Drops to 3

Isle Royale Gray Wolf Population Drops to Lowest Since Study Began

Scientists say the number of gray wolves at Isle Royale National Park has dropped to three _ the fewest since biologists began studying the population on the Lake Superior island chain in the 1950s.

Last year the population was 9.

Researchers with Michigan Technological University released their annual report on the park’s wolves and moose Friday.

They said the wolf population has dropped from 24 to three since 1989, likely because of inbreeding.

Study leaders Rolf Peterson and John Vucetich spend nearly two months at the park every winter observing the animals.

They’ve called repeatedly for park officials to bring more wolves to the island to replenish the gene pool.

The report says the moose population has risen to 1,250 as the number of wolves to prey on them has plummeted.

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