Substance Abuse Numbers Grow in The Northland

Community Conversation to Help Prevent Drug Addiction

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According to officials, the year 2014 saw 41 heroin arrests in the Duluth area, more than half the total for the entire state.

Thursday night was the first of 3 meetings held in an effort to raise awareness about addiction and substance abuse in our area.

These meetings were organized by a prevention program called “Know the Truth”.

Speakers included a member of the Duluth Police Department, those who have struggled with addiction themselves, and a mother who lost her son to an overdose.

The goal of the meeting was for parents and teachers to learn how to discuss drug use with family, and how to spot warning signs of addiction.

“A lot of times we think it will never happen to us,” said Adam Pederson, Program Director at Know the Truth Prevention Program. “Someone can dabble with drugs and alcohol and think, ‘I won’t be addicted, it won’t happen to me.’ But that’s kind of the deceptive thing about drugs and alcohol, is you might think it’s not, but you could have a predisposition, or something happens in your life where you never abused it before, but now you’ve got this emotional issue you’re trying to cover up,” Pederson explained.

Know the Truth Prevention Program is going to high schools and middle schools across the state to educate students at an early age about the risk of abusing gateway drugs, like alcohol and tobacco, to prevent use of prescription pills and opiates down the road.

The next meeting will take place on Tuesday, April 21st in Superior at the Conference center on the WITC Campus at 7 PM.

The third meeting will be located in the North Room of the Miner’s Memorial Building in Virginia on Thursday, April 30th, also at 7 PM. 

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