Duluth Police to Return Belongings of 1981 Murder Victim

DULUTH, Minn.  – A retiring Duluth police lieutenant will return belongings of a teen murdered 34 years ago to her family as one of his last duties on the job.

Earlier this year, Duluth police linked a suspect by DNA to the shooting of 17-year-old Carolyn Andrew.

She was found in Twin Ponds on May 6, 1981.        

The DNA evidence linked the killing to Cecil Wayne Oliver, who died in 1988 at age 30.

Lt. Scott Drewlo worked the cold case in 2009.

He will fly to Tennessee Monday to return a lipstick, a comb and a small bag of quarters her parents gave her before she left the house the night she died.

Cirrus Aircraft donated their services to Tennessee, where Andrew’s parents live.

Drewlo will retire April 29.

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