Canal Park Hosts 1st Hospitality Job Fair

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In the tourism months Canal Park restaurants will open additional seating and hotels will be full 7 days a week which means they need to add more staff to their businesses to meet the demand.

“I worked this winter at Spirit Mountain and I’m just free right now,” said Christian Anderson.

More than 150 positions from dishwashers to managers need to be filled in one of Duluth’s tourist hot spots.

“Looking for somebody who is outgoing, is fun, likes hard work,” Grandma’s Sports Garden Manager Matt Baumgartner said.

To start a new career or land a part time gig job seekers flocked to Canal Parks first hospitality job fair.

“I’m kind of looking for my first job,” said Keighly Evanson. “I have not really had any other experience. I’m turning 17 this June so kind of need to like pay for gas. I’m driving now.

After filling out a quick screening application, employment seekers made the rounds in Grandma’s Sports Garden.

“I think its gone pretty good,” said Evanson. “It’s kind of nerve wrecking.”

Informational and more serious interviews allowed job seekers to sell themselves to 10 different restaurants, hotels and family fun centers.

“Got good time management skills and I know what it takes for a restaurant to be successful,” said Anderson. “Fast paced environment and just a friendly smile.”

Some were even hired on the spot.

“Working in Canal Park is an amazing time and for a lot of people it ends up being the summer job that you never leave,” said Baumgartner.

Canal Park businesses will hire beyond this weekend.

If you missed the job fair its recommended that you contact the hiring managers for the places you are interested in working for.

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