Proctor Hires Design Team to Evaluate City Needs

Community Input Requested in Planning City's Future

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Proctor is reaching out to its residents for input on the city’s future.

Locals have submitted surveys and pictures with changes they would like to see take place, such as road repair, and park additions.

Professionals from the Minnesota Design Team have been hired to meet with community members and evaluate the good, and the not so good within the city.

“There is no future without the community,” said Proctor Mayor David Brenna. “We want community input because what’s not important to me, could be very important to a different segment of the community.”

A dinner open to the public will be held on Friday, May 1 at Blackwoods at 6 PM.

The information gathered by the design team will be presented to the community Saturday, May 2, at City Hall at 6 PM, also open to the public. 

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