Proposed Project to Offer Affordable Housing

Center City Housing to Build New Apartment Complex

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Center City Housing Corporation is moving forward with their efforts to end homelessness by building a new affordable housing complex.

The proposed project would be built at the end of Garfield Avenue on West Superior Street.

In the last 8 years, homelessness hasn’t gone down dramatically and Center City Officials say it’s a huge need in the community now more than ever. 

“When the economy tanked in 2008, a lot more were homeless.  But, I think a great example is the couple of fires that we’ve had here recently where people can’t find affordable housing to move into after a tragedy like that,” said Center City’s Executive Director, Rick Klun. 

Klun is thrilled everyone is on board. 

“We’ve been excited about it for a long time and I think it’s a priority in the City of Duluth.  City Hall is behind doing a project like this.”

Klun says the project will hold 50 single adults. 

The total project is expected to fall between $5 million and $10 million.

Construction is tentatively set to start in the spring of 2017, with the building ready to house residents by early 2018.

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