Bike Swap Continuing to Grow

New Features Added in 9th Year

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“We make nothing from this event. It’s completely community driven and it’s just a good start to the year to get the bike season going,” said Kraig Decker of Continental Ski and Bike.

The bike season officially gears up at the Continental Ski and Bike bike swap.

“Tt’s an annual event where people can bring in their bikes that they want to sell and if it sells. They get seventy five percent and the other twenty five percent goes to United Way. It’s a really big fund raiser for United Way,” said Decker.

A fund raiser that continues to climb in donation numbers.
“We usually give them around ten thousand dollars each year in donations so it’s pretty cool,” Decker said.

After expanding to a full street shutdown last year, the bike swap is kicking it into a new gear this year.

“We have a bounce house for kids to play on and we also have a big DTA bus out there so people can, in a controlled environment, learn how to load a bike on a bus if they want to bus and bike kind of combo thing,” said Decker.

As Kraig said loading a bike on a bus may be a little intimidating, but shouldn’t be.

“The process of loading a bike on the bus is not that complicated but I think people do get intimidated by it and just don’t do it. Having this opportunity in a controlled environment is pretty darn cool,” Decker said.

For a city like Duluth it’s an important skill to know.

“I think with our type of terrain, a lot of people may want to ride down the hill but they don’t want to ride up so this gives you that option,” said Decker.

The bike swap is continuing to grow And has become more than just a sales event.

“Just offering more than the bike sale itself. Trying to give people access to knowledge and just making it a swap slash expo almost at this point and time,” Decker said.

A community event driven towards giving back and getting more people on bikes.

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