Facing Debts, Spirit Mountain Plans to Cut Costs

Cut Budget by More than $600,000

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After years of struggling financially, Spirit Mountain is proposing to cut costs by nearly $600,000.

Spirit Mountain is coming off a hard winter with revenue down about $300,000 and this year’s proposed budget will cut costs from multiple areas. 

Executive Director, Brandy Ream, took the job last summer and hopes to take a more conservative approach by cutting 9% of the budget. 

Right now, the outside attraction owes the city $1.2 million for past help with operational costs.

No payments are scheduled in this year’s budget. 

But, Ream says one way to get out of the red is to get back to focusing on the skiing and snowboarding side of business which is something Councilors say they can get behind. 

“One of the big things that Spirit Mountain will be able to take advantage of moving forward is the large investment to pull water from the St. Louis River directly.  That will save $60,000 of water costs,” said Duluth City Councilor, Zack Filipovich. 

Spirit Mountain also plans to cut hours at the Adventure Park and limit mountain bike operations. 

Filipovich stresses his confidence in Brandy and says the budget is very realistic. 

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