Mayo Clinic Survey: 60% Would Like to be Organ Donors

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April marks organ donation month and the demand is on the rise with about 150 patients being added to the wait-list every day.

Mayo Clinic conducted a survey to get some insight about people’s perception of being a donor.

It found more than 60 percent would like to be organ donors and more than 60 percent have already signed organ donation cards or talked to their family about donating.

For more on how you can become a donor, click here.
The American Academy of Pediatrics has updated guidelines on whether a mother and baby are fit to leave the hospital.

A mother’s health, level of support and stability of the baby are contributing factors.

A baby must also complete two successful feedings either through bottle or breast and have an appropriate car seat.

Risk factors in the home, like mental illness, untreated alcohol or drug abuse and child neglect history, are also new measures.
Yoga isn’t just for the ladies these days. Guys can do it, too, with ‘broga.’

It’s a class geared specifically for men combining core strengthening, muscle toning, cardio and yoga poses.

There’s also new a dude-friendly twist on gear.

A yoga enthusiast designed ‘broga’ mats that are thicker, longer and have a better grip.

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