New Facebook Page Helps You Find a Childcare Provider

Connecting Parents and Childcare Providers

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DULUTH, Minn. – If you’re a parent and have been searching for a quality full-time childcare provider for your child, you may be all too familiar with how hard it can be.

A local childcare provider took matters into her own hands and has since turned to social media to combat the issue.

Call it a baby boom or blame it on the recession, but no matter how you slice it there is a demand.

“There is a huge need for childcare in our area,” said April Hall owner of Aunty’s Childcare in Duluth.

For months Hall was getting multiple calls per day asking about infant daycare.

While the kiddos are growing, the size of Hall’s childcare is not.

“I’ve been full for a year. My last opening was last October. My next openings will be in August and I have four spaces open and they are already all full,” said Hall.

With so many requests and no space to grow, Hall turned to facebook.

“It’s a good way for providers to connect and be able to refer people too. The facebook page is just really great for that,” said Hall.

A few clicks on facebook and you’re at Childcare Providers and Resources of the Northland.

In the first few days the group had 300-plus members.

A great feature of the page is that it highlights providers in every neighborhood.

“When they log on and say oh look I’m looking for a two and up space in Woodland, I can just connect them with that file. Like these three providers in Woodland may have openings. They’re part of our group, please contact them,” explained Hall.

Tara Asse, a parent, said she knows all too well the challenges of finding infant daycare.

“When they are infants it’s very hard to find childcare because there are a limited amount of spaces. It took me six months to find childcare for my oldest, she is eight. So had we had this, the facebook page, it would have been a lot easier,” said Aase.

The instant connection allows you to find childcare immediately.

The page is a sure way to snag a spot in the right place for your child and at the right time.

If you’re a childcare provider or a parent looking for a provider head to the following link:

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