Duluth Mounted Patrols Coming Back

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After training in the Twin Cities and other locations, Duluth Police Mounted Patrol officers are almost ready to saddle up and get back on streets.

“We were definitely able to help last year and we’re looking forward to putting our mark on it again this year,” Duluth Police Mounted Patrol Officer Amber Peterson said.

Training for mounted patrol officers and their horses include defensive tactics, engaging suspects, crowd control and sensory techniques, just to name a few.

Officers tell FOX 21 patrolling Duluth on the majestic creatures last summer made them a lot more visible and effective in problem areas.

“I think we definitely did a good job deterring crimes,” said Peterson. “Helping our officers on the street with calls for service as they get so busy downtown and in Canal Park over the summer with tourists with our homeless population. A lot of different issues that we have to look at in a very complex situation.”

The mounted patrol is expected to be back trotting through Canal Park into Park Point and downtown at the end of May.

Officers tell FOX 21 they appreciate and welcome people coming up to say hi, but they request that you ask for permission before you pet the horses.

They may be on a call or in a dangerous situation.

Duluth, St. Paul and Minneapolis Police Departments are the only mounted patrol units in Minnesota.

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