Power Chair Soccer Provides Opportunities

Special Athletes Have a Chance to Compete

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Team sports are a great way to get involved. However, for people that live their lives in a wheelchair, options are limited. That’s where power chair soccer comes in.
“It’s creating opportunity for everybody to be involved,” said Mark Hanna of Courage Kenny Northland.
Power chair soccer is played by teams of five, and involves much of the same strategy used outdoors 11–on–11.
“They attack, defend and work to score goals as a team and defend their own area,” said Hanna. “It is a team sport and it’s pretty cool to see and give people this opportunity to enjoy a great sport like soccer.”
Some of the athletes are simply there to have a good time, though others have grander goals in mind.
“Some of them, if they’re good enough, can even try out for Team U.S.A. and go play against other national teams,” said Hanna.
Everyone however, is there for the chance to be part of a team.
“It doesn’t matter if you happen to be a wheelchair user or non–wheelchair user, that’s what it’s about,” said Hanna. “That’s what we’re here to do, provide that opportunity.”
Even if they don’t play in the great outdoors, these special athletes are truly great.

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