Clean Creeks: Efforts to Clean Miller Creek in Duluth

Duluth Grill, Brewhouse to Host Volunteer Clean Up Day

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Despite having beautiful weather, Miller Creek is filled with trash and is becoming an unhealthy environment for fish and wildlife. 

Duluth Grill and Brewhouse are creating a partnership to help improve water quality by removing the trash. 

The two will focus on creating awareness within the community. 

Although they may be food competitors, they agree on one thing.

“But, when it comes to doing something outside of work it’s really kind of motivating to be a part of that and I think we go to work with a bigger picture of what we are doing every day when we can be involved in the community like this,” said Co-Owner of Duluth Grill, Tom Hanson. 

Hanson hopes to raise awareness to help keep our water clean. 

“At the end of the day, we want a local population to really understand the awareness of where Miller Creek is and the possibilities of taking care of the streams and rivers that are in Duluth.

A date has not been scheduled yet for the cleanup but Hanson says it will be sometime in May.

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