Upcoming Renovations Will Close Billings Park in Superior

Trails, Road, Paths to be Improved

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Billings Park will be transformed into a world class park. 

But, the park won’t be as busy on Mother’s Day as it usually is as renovations could begin as early as next week. 

While some community members may not be thrilled about the park being closed off, the city is ecstatic about the upcoming changes.

They will be rebuilding the entire main road, making the pathways wheelchair accessible, placing period style lighting, and trail repairs near the shore. 

In 2009, the park received a new playground and restroom. 

Two years later, a new gazebo was built and these changes will just be the cherry on top. 

Having the park unavailable for half the summer may be disappointing for some, but the city hopes they respect the construction zone. 

In the meantime, the city is directing the public elsewhere. 

“We have been guiding people to use Barker’s Island Festival Park and Central Park.  We are trying to work it out with them on where they might recreate in a different park just until we are done with renovations,” said Superior’s Director of Parks, Forestry and Recreation, Mary Morgan.

Morgan warns citizens to wait until construction is over. 

“It’ll be hard on people because this park sees high use and I know people are going to want to recreate here but I am just hoping that the citizens understand we don’t want them to get hurt in a construction zone.”

The project costs $500,000 and a grant from the Wisconsin Coastal Management Program will help them with construction. 

The park will be opening again to the public July 18th. 

In the meantime, the Japanese Friendship Garden and 2nd Point just down the road are still available for public use.

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