Staycations Part 2: The North Shore

Take a Step Back in Time at Lamb's Resort

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If you’re in need of some peace and quiet, or looking for a family getaway to explore nature, the perfect place may not be so far away.

“It’s quiet here, it’s peaceful, it’s the way that it’s always been,” said Skip Lamb, owner of Lamb’s Resort.

Sitting softly on the North Shore of Lake Superior, lies a diamond in the rough.

“Things have not changed here since 1922, except the trees have gotten bigger,” laughed Skip. “We have the highest peaks, we have the biggest water.”

Lamb’s Resort in Schroeder spreads across 60 acres of land.

“Children can run and play and ride their bikes,” said Skip’s wide, Linda Lamb.

The property follows ½ mile of shoreline.

“The beauty is the lake and the rocks and the beaches,” Linda added.

The resort has access to hiking and biking trails.

“It’s kind of the natural hiking and berry–picking and rock–looking,” Skip explained.

You can hear the soothing sound of water rushing into the Cross River.

“If they want to want to kayak, obviously they can do it, or canoe,” Skip said.

It’s a resort that offers something for just about everyone.

“The kids are playing on the beach and the grandmas are sitting in the Adirondack chairs and watching the lake,” Skip said.

Thirteen log cabins and nearly 60 campsites fill the property, some lake–side, others on the river.

“The cabins themselves are just for people to sleep in, because normally they’re outside,” laughed Skip.

Each cabin comes with heat, lighting, a grill, a bonfire pit, a bathroom, a kitchen, and between one and three bedrooms.

“This is kind of the classic, simple resort,” Skip admitted.

But what you won’t find are any electronics.

“We don’t have all the amenities, but we’ve got lots of woods and water, bugs and loons, and eagles and trees,” said Skip.

Lamb’s Resort is about putting down the cellphones and having good, old–fashioned conversation.

“Families come here and they really seem to reconnect,” Linda said.

Plus, it’s a piece of land with some history.

“Father Baraga started in the Apostle Islands, he was bringing the small pox vaccination to the Native Americans that lived up here in Grand Portage,” Skip told FOX 21.

Linda continued, “He ran into a heavy storm and was blown across the lake, and he was blown right into the mouth of the Cross River.”

“It’s kind of a big deal in Schroeder,” Skip joked.

“He erected a cross at the mouth of the river and it was forever after that named the Cross River,” Linda explained.

It’s a place for parents in need of some alone time, for couples seeking some tranquility, or for families looking to enjoy each other’s company,

“Everybody’s lives are so busy that they’re rushing here and there,” Linda said. “Everybody can sit around the campfire every night, roast hot dogs or s’mores.”

Lamb’s Resort offers a certain type of freedom that’s becoming harder and harder to find.

Skip said, “It’s kind of a step, I think, back in time, but it’s also a step into another reality.”

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