Staycations Part 3: The South Shore

Morgan Falls, 2nd Street Bistro, Kravin Frozen Yogurt

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“Ashland is the place where families grow up,” said Mary McPhetridge, Executive Director at the Ashland Chamber.

Many people know Ashland as a hub for shopping and dining, and also as the mural capital of Wisconsin.

“We’re proud of our area, we’re proud of the things that we stand for, which is the lake and small businesses,” admitted McPhetridge.

But what may come as a surprise to many, is the number of opportunities Ashland offers for outdoor recreation.

“It’s woods, it’s water, it’s hills, it’s trails,” described McPhetridge. “Anything that you like to do outside, we pretty much have here in Ashland.”

It’s a 4–season destination right on the South Shore of the Big Lake.

“It’s getting away from maybe the bigger cities, whether it be Duluth, or Minneapolis,” McPhetridge explained.

Twenty miles south of the city, is a hidden gem.

“I think Morgan Falls is the best kept secret in the Ashland area,” said McPhetridge.

An easy half-mile hike up handicapped accessible trails, opens up to a breathtaking view of Morgan Falls.

“It’s serene, it’s quiet, it’s beautiful, it’s natural,” said McPhetridge. “It is natural falls, it kind of cascades up, so you can walk in the back, you can kind of go on the rocks.”

The falls offer unusual accessibility.

“You can get so close to them, where a lot of falls you have to stay away and they’re big and powerful,” McPhetridge explained.

They also provide a chance to take in nature’s beauty, and a mental freedom that is sometimes forgotten.

“We all need to give our minds a rest and be outside,” McPhetridge said.

But the adventure doesn’t stop there. A mile and a half up a steeper hill with more difficult terrain, will bring you to St. Peter’s Dome.

“It’s a good place for families, it’s a good place to picnic,” said McPhetridge.

It’s a workout, but the views make it all worthwhile.

“Once you get out there, that outlook is amazing, you can see Lake Superior,” exclaimed McPhetridge.

All of the restaurants in Ashland are locally owned and operated.

“We’re mom and pop, and we love our bistro,” said Paul Levelius, Owner of The Second Street Bistro.

All ingredients at The Second Street Bistro come from local farmers.

“We care about what goes into people’s bodies,” Paul said.

It’s the perfect place to stop and enjoy a meal.

“They like to come in, they like to relax, and they like to have a nice meal, glass of wine, a nice beer,” explained Jerry Levelius, Paul’s wife.

The bistro is known for its chicken candied pecan salad, the pork BBQ sandwich, and homemade desserts.

“I do make my own ice creams,” Jerry said.

The menu here is sure to suit everyone.

But, if it’s something else you’re looking for, a stroll down Main Street is sure to satisfy your craving.

“Fro-yos are pretty big in bigger cities, but here, it’s a new concept for Ashland,” explained Lynne Hall, Co-Owner of Kravin Frozen Yogurt.

First you fill it, next you top it, then you weigh it.

“They are in charge of what they want to eat, and make, and put on top of it,” explained Co-Owner Robin Belsky.

Kravin offers 23 billion combinations, and a welcoming family atmosphere.

“They can come day after day and have something different everyday,” said Hall.

“You see groups of girls and friends sitting for maybe an hour or so, they might even come up for a second round,” laughed Belsky.

Topping off the perfect getaway to the South Shore.

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