Tourists Pour $125M into Douglas County

Tourism Dollars Up 5.5% from 2013

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Tourism is the number three industry in Wisconsin behind agriculture and manufacturing.

Now a study conducted by the Wisconsin Department of Tourism reveals just how big of an impact it has.

According to the report tourism in Wisconsin generated $18.5 billion in 2014 to the state’s economy which is up 5.5% from 2013.

In Douglas County alone visitor spending totaled more than $125 million in 2014, a nearly 5% increase from the previous years.

“One of the most important things that people don’t realize from the impact of tourism is over $10 million was brought into our economy through taxes,” Superior-Douglas County Chamber President Dave Minor said. “Sales tax and hotel, motel taxes.”

Officials believe the uptick in visitation to Douglas County can be attributed to more tourism partnerships, support and social media marketing.

“That’s something we just weren’t very good at in the past,” said Minor. “I think now really getting out there both of our twitter accounts, Facebook. All of that really engaging people to come here.”

To keep the momentum going Douglas County says they will work with local businesses, seek out more innovative ideas and make sure tourists feel welcome by consistently dishing out good customer service.

According to the report more than 1,200 jobs were supported by tourism in Douglas County.

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