First Combined Council, County Meeting Held in Duluth

Commissioners, Councilors Build Stronger Relationships

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St. Louis County Commissioners and Duluth City Councilors held their first joint meeting together Monday night.

Commissioner Pete Stauber reached out to City Council President, Emily Larson to see if they could review activities and discuss opportunities together. 

Larson agreed saying it would be a great idea to get together and strengthen relationships.

“I think what we hope to have come out of today is just a better understanding of areas that we overlap and ways that we can be efficient together and really just have that relationship that you need to get work done,” Larson stated. 

Conversation focused on road maintenance, economic development projects and the St. Louis River Corridor Plan. 

“When we talk about the West Duluth St. Louis River Corridor there is going to be a lot of land issues that come up and having good relationships will help get those projects started.”

Larson hopes to continue to meet once a year.

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