Motorcyclists Ask Drivers to Share the Road

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in 2014 there were more than 70 motorcyclist fatalities in Wisconsin.

Local associations joined forces to help decrease that number this year.

For the 7th annual Motorcycle Awareness Rally community members and riders filled Tower Avenue and Kmart’s parking lot in Superior to remind drivers to share the road with bikers, don’t drink or text while driving and to pay attention.

Stop signs, blind spots and cars turning left in front of motorcyclists all play a major part in motorcycle tragedies.

“Bikes are out so be aware, motorcycles are everywhere,” said Terry Rhodes with Wisconsin Riders. “A lot of families want to see their loved ones come home that’s on bikes.”

Event organizers say motorcyclist also need to stay ahead of the game.

Being aware of road conditions, watching out for slippery fluids leaked from cars and wearing the right gear are all recommended before they swing their legs over the saddle.

“It’s your responsibility also when you’re out there on the road,” said Dorrie Meyer with ABATE of Wisconsin. “You have to watch for the drivers around you. It’s just not going out and enjoying the breeze on your knees, you have to be aware of what you’re doing when you get on your bike.”

Superior’s Mayor Bruce Hagen also proclaimed May motorcycle awareness month.

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