Annual Battle of the Bots Competition Challenges Students

LSC Students Host Battle of the Bots

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Engineering, welding and machining were the hot majors at Lake Superior College Tuesday.

That’s because the 9th Annual Battle of the Bots competition was going on.

Students work in teams throughout the semester to come up with a concept and get all the components together through machining and welding to compete.

Students use skills they learn within the program, like how to 3D model, make blue prints, help those blue prints come to life, by using the machining tools and even welding.

“Really in the end you have a pretty good complement of skills by the end of the semester or the end of the year for some of the high schools as well,” said Max Udovich, a machine technology instructor for LSC.

The teams are made up of college and area high school students.

“It exposes out high school students to some of the other programs and careers that they could have opportunities in,” saidĀ Udovich.

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