Duluth Umpire Shortage Affecting Games

Baseball Season Understaffed in Duluth

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We’re just a few weeks into baseball season and games in Duluth are already understaffed. 

There’s been such a lack of interest in officiating the games that concession workers have had to step in. 

Lead umpires in the area tell us the reason for the shortage is that more umpires are retiring, equipment costs are up and schedules are busy. 

While all of this may be true, they say it’s a rewarding experience.

“It’s a great way to spend your spring afternoon just out on the field.  If you enjoy watching baseball it’s fun to get out and watch the area kids play.” said Tri State Baseball Umpire, Adam Palan. 

Umps can get paid as much as $113 a night.

Duluth needs nearly 15 more umpires to hit the average.

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