Knowing Your Neighbors: Camp 61 in Beaver Bay

Known for history, beer and barbeque

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In this week’s ‘Knowing Your Neighbors’ we take a bit of a trip back in time to learn some North Shore history.

Our trip takes us to Beaver Bay’s Camp 61.

Four years ago Todd Krynski bought the building where Camp 61 now sits.

He remodeled it and reopened its doors July 4th, 2011.

“I love dealing with people and this type of work. Just saw this building over the years, thought it was a great location,” said Camp 61 owner Todd Krynski.

The historical piece of property is nestled along the main drag in Beaver Bay.

“Beaver Bay is the oldest community on the north shore, it use to be a county seat,” explained Krynski.

Aside from unique décor, a gift shop and lots of history, you’ll also find delicious food at Camp 61.

In fact, they are known for their barbeque, which they have entered in competitions.

To learn more about Camp 61:

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