New Law Allows Growler Sales on Sunday in MN

Ordinance to Expand Brewery Operations

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With local approval taprooms and brewpubs may soon be able to sell beer in the 64 oz. containers commonly known as growlers.

Governor Mark Dayton was quick in signing the liquor bill just days after it passed by the legislature. 

Now, two questions remain. How? And When?

The City of Duluth is in the process of writing an ordinance authorizing any brewery to expand on Sundays. 

That will then go to the Alcohol, Gambling and Tobacco Commission. 

Once approved, it will take 30 days to become effective. 

With already very strong public support, Duluth City Council President, Emily Larson, has high hopes of it passing. 

The council wants to get things rolling quickly so tourists can take advantage before Grandma’s weekend. 

“It’s a perfect opportunity for Duluth because of course we have this craft beer explosion and so it really does allow people to come visit us on the weekend to bring a taste of the city home with them,” said Larson. 

With Sunday being a high traffic day for breweries, Fitger’s Brewhouse in Duluth says their business will benefit immensely.

“They want to take a growler of fresh beer from Duluth with them when they go home and then of course are stymied by the laws so this will enable us to serve our customers a lot better,” said Fitger’s Marketing Director, Brad Nelson. 

Under the new law, bars and restaurants are also allowed to start serving drinks 2 hours earlier on Sunday, which makes the new time at 8 a.m. 

Minnesota is 1 of 12 states that still ban liquor stores form opening on Sundays.

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