Northland Family to Keep History Alive at Duluth Pub

Northland Uncovered: Sir Benedict's Tavern on the Lake

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Josh Stotts recently fulfilled a dream he’s had since he was 18.

He and his wife, Kaila, purchased Sir Benedict’s Tavern on the Lake April 1.

“It’s been kind of a wild ride since then,” said Stotts.

Stotts is originally from Duluth and has always loved the city’s history.

Now his two children are growing up in that same tradition.

“We feel very lucky to show our children what it’s like to run a business and the hard–work that goes into it and at the same time the rewards that come with it, as well as, the gratification,” said Stotts.

It was 1977 when the first pub in Duluth was transformed from a gas station, built in the 1940s.

“There was about 100 of them across the Midwest and they all had a very unique look,” said Stotts.

Located on Superior Street, right across from Lake Superior, it’s been a hot spot from the beginning.

“It’s pretty easy to come into work when you get to see this everyday,” said Stotts.

The original owners, Jack and Barb Arnold, opened an English style pub with beer and sandwiches to fill a void in the area.

Since then, nothing much has changed.

“Maybe a few signs have been added to it, but we try to keep the tradition of Sir Ben’s going,” said Stotts.

Walk in the door, and you’ll feel the family atmosphere that’s been around for decades.

“We like to kind of consider everyone a family, kind of the cheers atmosphere is what we like to say,” said Stotts.

Stotts plans to keep that going for generations. 

Sir Ben’s is also a proud sponsor of Grandma’s Marathon and will be barbecuing outside during the race.

They’re open 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. Monday through Sunday and welcome all ages until midnight. 

For more information, head to their website

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