Congressman Nolan Discusses Tourism Industry

Infrastructure Advancements Among Discussion in Duluth

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Tourism is Big.  But, it’s particularly popular in Duluth.  

Wednesday, Congressman Rick Nolan visited Duluth to talk about how we can expand tourism within the area.

Since we have the natural amenities, Nolan would like to see upgrades in our infrastructure because he says it lays the foundation for more tourism opportunities.

“To expand the harbor, make the airport more attractive.  I’m working to get the NLX funded which would be another way to get people to the Duluth area,” said U.S Rep Rick Nolan. 

However, Minnesota gets fewer federal dollars back than what we send to Washington than any other state.

So, Nolan has a plan to make these enhancements happen.

“I’m not interested in funding projects that aren’t good job creating economic development.  But, I’m on a mission to make sure we get our fair share of those federal moneys,” Nolan said. 

Duluth has nearly 3 million visitors every year.

Those tourists bring in nearly $800 million to the Duluth area.

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