Good Samaritan Saves Semi Driver from Truck Rollover

Semi Rollover Sends Driver to Hospital

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A good Samaritan is to thank for rescuing a semi driver from his flipped truck.

Around 10 p.m. Tuesday, Randy Shaw witnessed a semi rollover near the can of worms in downtown Duluth.

“I seen this semi coming flying down. He was going well over 40 miles an hour; he was probably doing closer to 45-50 almost, somewhere in there,” said Randy Shaw, a Northland Fire and safety specialist.

Shaw says he saw the semi heading down 21st Avenue West, go up on nine wheels at a turn, over-correct and tip over after hitting a median wall.

As on of the first people on the scene, it was then Shaw’s first responder skills kicked in and he jumped into action.

“I had to jump up on the cab, rip the door off, dig him out and by the time I was digging him out the first cop that was behind him had already called the ambulance and stuff so they were here within a matter of minutes,” said Shaw

Shaw tells FOX 21 he was scared for the driver and himself because he saw diesel fuel leaking onto the pavement.

Shaw says the driver was coherent, but shaken up, and taken to the hospital.

FOX 21 will provide updates on this story as soon as they’re available. 


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